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We Are The Scoobies

All shall love us and despair

The Scooby Gang
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Welcome to Scooby Central. Please note that if you join, and you are not a Scooby, we shall taunt you until you leave. And then taunt you some more. We are but the regular weird and lovably strange people you find on the internet. Hell, sometimes we can even make you leave the internet. What can we say, we're gifted. Some may say special. The Scoobies consist of Swoosh, Drewe, Niamh, Fion, Noddy and Lar. That was just to verify that you are indeed not one of us and must go far far away. To Macedonia. Not Romania though, because they're cool and don't need you. And in case you are wondering how we all came to know each other, we all worked in the same brothel together back in the day when it had visitors. Now we lurk on Livejournal amongst other places, and hell, some of us even have lives. We're hardcore that way. And you're not. You will never be as cool as us. Nyahaha. P.S- We all think that Tidus and Lulu from FFX is the ultimate OTP, and no other OTP is anywhere NEAR acceptable. Lar will also regret giving all members full modly powers. *scuttles off* Swoosh makes baby Jesus and baby Buddha cry with her lies.
And here are some more points we think you should know:
#1 - Lar smells worse than everyone always, esp worse than Noddy.
#2 - Tidus/Lulu is not an appropriate OTP.
#3 - We're insane. Deal with it.
#4 - Removed due to a fit of postmodernist rage.
#5 - Talena is God and Swoosh loves her.
#6 - Do not pass go, do not collect £200.
#7 - Your mother was a hamster, and your father ate elderberries.
#8 - Please do not make us tell you how much you suck.
anti-chav, artwh0ring, backarseofnowhere, basswh0ring, bathsheepa, bournemouth, camwh0ring, cheese, drewe, drewe aka god, drewe&lar♥talena, dublin, enniscorthy, fion, german bears, hillbillies, iconwh0ring, lar, larsamazingbassplaying, london, meep, miss muffet, msn obviously, music obviously, n00b bashing, niamh, not justin timberlake!, not katy, not leigh, not lulu and tidus, not miss muffet, not school, not you, notratzinger-wemeantjohnpaul, oink, p00ptalk, penguins, pepsi, pie, pigs, poptalk, pringles, psychostalkerron, random stuff, ronnigan, sometimes habbo hotel, steps, steps suck!, swoosh, swoosh aka moses, swooshdoesnot♥talena, swooshdoes♥talena, swoosh♥'sayumi, teh scoobies, the andy pose, the monkey, the pope, the popes hat, the scoobies, the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower, torquay, weallloveeachother-inanonsexualway, weebl & bob, well-someofusloveeachotherin-that-way